Branding tour rolls through Pennsylvania

What a fantastic day! I gave a talk on branding to the Eastern Region Marketing Council of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association in Harrisburg. And what a gorgeous spot Harrisburg is. The Association has its headquarters right on the Susquehanna River — a truly beautiful river. Normally 30-35 folks attend a marketing council meeting, but our topic was of such great interest, that we had 61 seats filled! It was an interesting set-up… the room was very long, so in addition to a giant projection screen at the front of the room, there were two new very large TV screens at the half way point of the room…. all I needed was my guitar and amp, and I was ready to rock and roll the audience!

But seriously, it was great to meet so many of our site members, and meet so many new friends. About half the folks were already members of The PA Association was very happy to see some folks who hadn’t ever attended a marketing meeting before, including Mike Brennan from Boeing Helicopters Credit Union. My presentation was well received, and Lori Killgore from Lehigh Valley Educators CU was so moved that she’s bringing me to Allentown to present our branding process to senior management on April 11.

Matt gave a fantastic presentation on on-brand service, chock full of terrific insights. His down-to-earth style won over many of the attendees, and he had great chats with many of our Pennsylvanian friends before, during, and after the presentation.

It was really wonderful to meet so many of our frequent and long-term site members, especially Leigh-Ann Powers from Lanco CU, Nina Waskevich from Tobyhanna Army Depot FCU, and Rita Greenawalt from Heritage Valley FCU.

We met Jaymie Loomis from CTCE FCU, who sent regrets from Trish Shermot who couldn’t make it to the meeting.

And Matt got a photo with Liz Sprecher from Bellco FCU who hopped a ride with Jaymie to come to this event all the way from the northeast part of Pennsylvania. We’re so honored and flattered that so many folks made such a long drive to come see us! We’ll have to do it again soon! I can’t wait!


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