Mohegan Sun gets the Brand treatment

Just got finished presenting on brand to the Massachusetts CU League’s Volunteer Development Conference, held in Mohegan Sun this year. What a fun spot Mohegan Sun is! The hotel is a glass skyscraper located in the middle of a forrested area of southeastern Connecticut, right on the Thames River. It was huge fun to be wired up with a lavalier mic, and have my keynote slides on a a 20-foot by 15-foot screen! And I had a lot of fun throwing our new black stress balls at the audience…. errrrrr, I mean TO the audience. Too bad there weren’t some Red Sox scouts in attendance; I heard they are looking for a third baseman! What reflexes our attendees had!

Gosh, it was fun to see the name of my presentation on the large LCD screens showing the day’s events…. there were many such monitors stationed throughout the complex. I got to meet a number of great CU folks including Bonnie Doolan, Strategic Planner for the league, and of course Jack Morrill who introduced me at my session. I met Steven Ricks of CUNA who came in from Madison to deliver a session on financial trends, and is originally from Minnesota. Jim Nagy, CEO of ValleyStone, and Dave Plantier, CEO from MassMutual FCU were also in attendance. Both Jim and Dave are from our neck of the woods in Western Massachusetts. I also got to meet a fantastic board member from Boston Firefighters FCU who told me all about their credit union, and how Boston Firefighters are fiercely proctective of their CU. They don’t want to expand it, not even to become Greater Boston Firefighters. And she knows how to deliver service in the way that Boston Firefighters expect… with good natured ribbing, with plenty of firehouse humor thrown in. But they are in danger of losing what makes them special because some folks want to expand…

At the beginning of my presentation, I admitted that even though I grew up in Massachusetts, I was born an Orioles fan….and I have a good reason why…. that’s me and my little guy, Sean, in front of my Uncle’s plaque on the Orioles Hall of Fame wall….

Josh, Matt, and I had dinner at Michael Jordan’s sports cafe… it was nicely on brand with itself. One of the best aspects are the gigantic and very inspirational quotes from Number 23 that adorn the outside of the cafe and restaurant.

I can’t wait to speak to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire marketers at our branding workshop coming up on April 6! But first it’s off to New York City to set up the booth for Paradise One at the GLBT expo at the Javits Center next weekend, then it’s off to the Twin Cities of Minnesota for the next round of branding with Scott, Koren, Jen, and Mike. And we’re going to see the Timberwolves play the Orlando Magic while we are there! Fun, fun, fun!


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