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Paul Raffa is making things happen in Southbridge

December 4, 2008

Matt, Paul, and MorrissMatt Taggart and I just visited Paul Raffa at Southbridge CU here in Massachusetts. Paul is doing some great things at his CU!

Matt and I are visiting CUs throughout New England to meet our friends in person, learn what they are doing with our site, find out how we can improve, as well as show them any tips we can offer to maximize their EverythingCU online community experience. If you are in New England, and would like Matt and I to visit you, please feel free to let me know!

I missed it the first time Paul posted it on, but he mentioned it to us again, that the bank right up the street from him has a link on their home page to an attack on the 3 largest CUs in Massachusetts, This attack is sponsored by the Massachusetts Bankers Association.

I think that slandering another business or person does nothing except to tarnish the image of the slanderer. But is there a grain of truth to the accusations, or is this way out of bounds?