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Social Media Marketing University

June 18, 2010

We here at have built up quite a library of recorded webinar workshops on social media. In fact, taken together, you could say we’ve created a Social Media University for credit unions.

Here are links to the full curriculum. Take them either individually, or as whole, for a thorough understanding of marketing your credit union via online community channels:

Spiderweb: This foundational 101 webinar covers creating your Facebook account, Facebook fanpage, setting up an event on Facebook as well as twitter basics. Also covered in this webinar is using both twitter and Facebook to drive traffic back to your credit union’s web site.

Twitter 101: This foundational 101 webinar covers setting up a twitter account the right way, things to keep in mind when choosing your twitter handle, how to find other twitterers within a specified radius of your branches, and how to drive traffic back to your credit union’s web site using Twitter.

Bring Your Binoculars: This advanced 301-level webinar assumes you have the knowledge covered in the previous two webinars, and shows you how to tie your social media efforts together for greater impact. You’ll learn about tools to monitor what’s being said about your credit union online, and how to promote your credit union event using a number of free online resources.

Look Who’s Talking: This 101-level webinar covers how to handle responding to negative comments made online about your CU, and is geared for both CUs already participating in the online conversation as well as those on the fence who are looking for reassurance that diving in will not bring the end of the world.

Click on any of the links or graphics above to order and instantly download these recorded webinars!

Social Media Marketing Best Practice: Learn from other communities

September 17, 2008

Online communities have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are all shaped to one degree or another by the tools used to build them, the tools they offer to their constituency, and the people that visit there. One fascinating new community is Utterli, formerly Utterz. Utterli is a site designed specifically for mobile podcasting. They announced their name change today, and they have a good blog post today that discusses what THEY are hearing from their users in terms of how they want their community improved. We could all learn from what they are sharing with us. Despite that fact that online communities are all somewhat different, they share many commonalities as well.

And on a completely unrelated note, I am excited to be heading out to Vancouver, by way of Victoria, for BarCampBank BC! Looking forward to meeting so many credit union friends and making new friends as well.