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Announcing the Loan Report

January 31, 2013

Exciting news…. we are proud to launch a brand new product here at Building on the long-running success of our Marketing Budget Report, we’ve now built a super-dandy Loan Report.

This Loan Report has all of the same great peer group comparisons as the Marketing Budget Report (virtually any number of peers from 10 to 5000, compare by Assets, Number of Members, or Total Loans), and compare by State, Region, or the USA.

But this new Loan Report has FAR more comparison data because the NCUA 5300 has much greater detail about loans.

This nifty new Loan Report lets you view these loan breakouts:

• Total Loans
• Mortgages
• Other R.E.
• New Auto
• Used Auto
• Credit Cards
• Unsecured
• Business Loans
• All Other Loans

And in addition, for each of these loan breakouts, we offer a full variety of View Modes:

• Rate
• Average Size
• Percent of Total
• Loans per Member
• Growth Rate
• Charge-offs
• Total Expense
• Net Worth ratios
…. and several more

But don’t take my word for it, try out the demo! In demo mode, you will be able to view only the Total Loan category in the “Current” View Mode. But all of the data is there if you would like to purchase it.

We think this report will be especially valuable for CEOs and VPs of Lending, but it is also great for CFOs, VPs of Marketing who are concerned with the CU loan portfolio, anyone on the ALM or Supervisory commitees, board members, and branch managers. So be sure to tell everyone at your CU who would benefit!

As with all of our products, purchase of the Loan Report makes it available to ALL registered employees at your CU. If they are not already registered, you can Invite Them Here.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Video tutorial: CU Marketing Budget Report

October 1, 2010

This video is quite a bit longer, 10 minutes, but it explains in depth the Credit Union Marketing Budget Report, how it works, and some of the many methods of peer comparisons it offers. These comparison pages include marketing budget, loan growth, share growth, PFI, Net Income, YTD Marketing Budget, and more. It enables you to compare your CU to your peers in your state, region, or nationwide. If you’ve never checked out the CU Marketing Budget Report, this video gives you an inside look!

Oh yes, and every page can be exported to Excel too.

And big props to EverythingCU member, (and EverythingCUJungle Fantasy Football League winner in 2005), Doug Ralston, VP of Hermantown FCU in Minnesota for being a great sport and long-time CU Marketing Budget Report user!

Determining Your Marketing Budget

December 4, 2007

Just read an article in the WCUL’s weekly e-newsletter about simplifying marketing budgets by calculating a current member’s net worth. Since this is information is of a very foundational nature, and is one perspective on how to do it, I feel compelled to provide some solid additional info.

I will keep things simple (a rarity for me) and answer the original question, “Are there facts and figures out there regarding typical marketing budgets for credit unions?” The answer is yes. I submit three great sources for your evaluation. The first source is the stellar discussion on the subject from leading VPs of Marketing and Marketing Directors at credit unions across the country. There are 57 messages on the subject there. This is direct information from people who are DOING it.

Source number two for DETAILED, SPECIFIC marketing budget analysis is EverythingCU’s credit union marketing budget report. Instead of giving ranges that are so broad as to be meaningless, or giving averages for a range of credit union assets sizes that are so broad as to be meaningless, this report gives you what you want to know: what YOUR peers are spending. And there are a number of ways you can determine your peers, by asset size, membership size, and compare within your state, region, or nationally. Lots of ways to slice and dice! I was tickled that recently I was able to show VP of Marketing, Jon Reske, that his current marketing budget was $100,000 below his peer average in the northeast. That’s what our report is designed to do– give you the ammunition you need to get your marketing budget increased.

And the third great source for marketing budget information is our latest webinar on the subject, Time to Talk Marketing Budget delivered by Mark Arnold, SVP of Neighborhood CU in Dallas.

After checking out these three outstanding sources of Marketing Budget knowledge, I doubt you’ll want to look at CUNA’s gross generalizations again. (Oh, by the way, for year-end 2006, the national average marketing budget for the twenty CUs between $216M and $220M in assets is $322,611. Four out of these twenty CUs have a marketing budget north of $500k.) I hope that my credit union friends can get word to the Washington CU in question.