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You only turn 100 once

November 24, 2008

It’s another very special day in the CU movement today….

The very first credit union was established 100 years ago today in Manchester, New Hampshire. It’s called St. Mary’s Bank, and you can visit the place where the U.S. branch of the movement started on that same spot in what is now America’s Credit Union Museum. I’ve been there several times, and trust me, if you are at all passionate about the movement, you need to visit the mecca and see and feel where it all began… the mill where the first members worked (mostly French Canadians who came south from Quebec in search of a better life) is still two blocks down the hill from that house.

Here’s an article that CUNA ran today.

I think it’s very appropriate that this day often falls on Thanksgiving. It’s a great time to give thanks to our country, our employers, our members, our families, our friends. So I’ll take this moment to give thanks to the thousands of credit union professionals who make EverythingCU the outstanding community that it is.

What is your credit union doing to celebrate this historic occasion? What does the future look like for credit unions for the next one hundred years?

New BarCampBanks update

October 18, 2007

I just had a great Flashmeeting with Frederic Baud in Paris and Matt Iverson in the Bay Area. (Love the Flashmeeting interface…. good stuff.) Frederic is interested in helping Matt get BarCampBankSF off the ground, and helping me get BarCampBankNewEngland off the ground. So here’s what came out of the virtual meeting:

BarCampBankSF: Matt Iverson of BoulevardR has interest from Jason Knight of Wesabe, as well as the Mint people and Bryan Sims of Brass, in being a part of the event. That should be enough to get the ball rolling. He’s thinking about doing it on the Sunday before President’s Day, so that’s February 17. He’s looking for local Bay Area help in organizing the event and finding a venue, and he’s thinking about holding it in or around the UC Berkeley campus.

BarCampBankNewEngland: I’ve talked with Peggy Powell, the director for America’s Credit Union Museum, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, on the site of the very first CU created in the United States, and we’re looking good for holding the event there. I think it’s mahvelous that we will be discussing the current revolution in personal finance at the site where the CU revolution in personal finance was launched 99 years ago. At this point, I’m thinking April 26, 2008, and would love any input/feedback on that date for coming to New Hampshire for the event.

I’ve got interest from several parties for being a part of this event, including Ron Shevlin of Epsilon, Peter Glyman and Shawn Ward from Geezeo, and Doug Williams, and possibly Trey Reeme, and Matt Dean of Trabian. If you would like to participate, please put your name down on the BarCampBankNewEngland page.