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Video tutorial: CU Marketing Budget Report

October 1, 2010

This video is quite a bit longer, 10 minutes, but it explains in depth the Credit Union Marketing Budget Report, how it works, and some of the many methods of peer comparisons it offers. These comparison pages include marketing budget, loan growth, share growth, PFI, Net Income, YTD Marketing Budget, and more. It enables you to compare your CU to your peers in your state, region, or nationwide. If you’ve never checked out the CU Marketing Budget Report, this video gives you an inside look!

Oh yes, and every page can be exported to Excel too.

And big props to EverythingCU member, (and EverythingCUJungle Fantasy Football League winner in 2005), Doug Ralston, VP of Hermantown FCU in Minnesota for being a great sport and long-time CU Marketing Budget Report user!

Minnesota CU marketers rock!

November 20, 2008

photo.jpgI’m not just saying this because this is a live blog in front of them, but the fine marketing professionals of Minnesota are among the most dedicated in the nation. It’s a pleasure demo’ing World 2.0 to this group. Tonia learned all about twitter, Joline thinks the marketing budget report is cool, and Daren met his future wife in the freezer of a Dairy Queen.