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Interviewed by Mr. McAlpine

June 18, 2008

Credit union innovator Tim McAlpine, President of Currency Marketing, conducted an interview with me a couple of weeks ago, and he’s uploaded it here on his blog. Tim asked me some really terrific questions that I enjoyed answering.

Shortly after completing the interview, I turned the tables and interviewed Tim. I very much look forward to hearing that as soon as Tim has a chance to edit and upload his own.

Tim also has another audio clip the includes part of a presentation that I gave at CUES Experience in Minneapolis. This 14-minute audio clip also includes Arkadi Kuhlmann of ING Direct, Ron Shevlin of Aite Group, William Azaroff of Vancity CU, Tim McAlpine, and Steve Williams of Cornerstone Advisors. Tim recorded this in-person, and the audio is nice and clear.

P.S. YES! The Celtics win NBA Championship number 17! It’s been a twenty-two year wait for me since I watched them win number 16.

Interview with Trey Reeme

January 25, 2008
Morriss Partee interviews Trey Reeme, now Channel Integration Manager for TDECU in Houston, TX. In the photo, Trey is on the left, and Morriss is on the right. Recorded on Friday, January 11, 2008, while Trey was in Lake Jackson, TX (near Houston), and Morriss was in Holyoke, MA. Trey’s new blog can be found here:

The impetus for this interview was Trey’s leaving Trabian, a web-design company specializing in serving CUs, after being with the company for four start-up years, to work on the other side of the table for TDECU, a $1 billion, 107,000 member CU in Lake Jackson, TX. Inquiring minds wanted to know why, and what Trey is planning next.

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