Morriss Partee, Chief Experience Officer
As the founder of EverythingCU.com (originally CUMarketingDept.com), Morriss is responsible for creating one of the most remarkable forums for the exchange of ideas in credit union history. Under Morriss’ leadership, EverythingCU.com has become the central hub connecting thousands of credit union executives across the country. Working from headquarters in a converted industrial mill in Holyoke, Mass., EverythingCU.com hosts 5,021 registered members, and is proud to be a pioneer in bringing cutting-edge, engaging web seminars to the credit union community. In addition to launching EverythingCU.com, Morriss has worked for more than decade as a marketing and design consultant for credit unions and other clients; and has never faltered from putting the members’ perspective first. He uses his entrepreneurial experience to help credit unions across the nations in their marketing and branding. Morriss is also a speaker and consultant on World 2.0 and social networking.

One Response to “About”

  1. Mike Wagner Says:

    Encouraging to see your impact on the CU world!

    I have served several CUs over the years.

    The vision is energizing and easy to believe in but the movement needs to be revived by people just like you. Make it happen!

    Keep creating…a brand worth raving about,

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