World premier EverythingCU Roundtable webinar

Introducing another new feature of our first-ever EverythingCU Roundtable webinar!

We know that one of the most popular features of EverythingCU’s regular webinars is the ability to interact with one another, sharing tips, techniques, venting, etc., so we’re devoting an entire session to just that.

The agenda? Is whatever you want it to be. Agenda topics are being posted here. We know the collective brainpower of EverythingCU’ers is off the charts, so this webinar will be as good as YOU make it! (Which we know is pretty dang awesome.) Unlike our regular webinars where everyone’s line is muted unless you unmute, in this webinar, everyone’s line will be LIVE, so if you are attending, you are participating! We’ll use our regular interface for raising hands so that we can have a meaningful conversation without the chaos of everyone talking over each other.

Oh yeah, and we’ve slashed the prices compared to our regular speaker-led webinars, so you almost can’t afford NOT to come. And as always, our Executive Members get a discount over the already-low prices.

You can even check out the folks who are going to be there.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today! (And in breaking with our usual Thursday webinar tradition, this one will be next Tuesday, October 26, at the usual time: 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific.)


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