Purposeful Partnerships

I’m excited for tomorrow’s EverythingCU.com webinar, Purposeful Partnerships. Josh Allison, Relationship Management Officer for Horizon CU in Spokane has an exciting and dynamic program.

The description: By changing our business development and youth education message and method, we can shy away from the vendor stigma and move quickly to that of a cherished community partner. Business Development is more than donuts and handshakes and youth education is more than classroom presentations. By using financial literacy as our conversation catalyst, we become the solution for a problem that is permeateing our schools, our businesses and our families – financial stress.

If you attend this webinar, you’ll learn:
• How to rethink the idea that “membership is THE main employer benefit” worth promoting
• Understanding the true leverage of credit union philosophy in action
• How to move from “vendor” to “valuable” status with your school and business partnerships
• How to transfer the trust created by your classroom educator to the branch staff

You can see all the credit unions attending this webinar here!


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One Response to “Purposeful Partnerships”

  1. JD Valerio Says:

    business developement is more than a lot of things. it gives grey hair too. Congrats on the recent successes friend.

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