Bring Your Binoculars

I’m excited to be delivering an advanced social media workshop webinar tomorrow, Bring Your Binoculars, an 301 Workshop. I’ll be going beyond Twitter and Facebook 101 to explain how to link your social media efforts together to increase their impact, how to monitor what people are saying about you, and how to promote your events.

I’ll be using several CUs in the examples you can follow along with: Mt. Lehman CU in BC, Fairwinds CU in Orlando FL, and Public Service CU in Michigan. We’re spanning North America to bring you the info you need!

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One Response to “Bring Your Binoculars”

  1. Tim Tracey Says:

    Great stuff, Morriss. The average business owner is crying out for this.

    As a savvy, articulate early-adopter and CU expert, you’ll be able to help them a lot.

    One day you can present YouGottaCall as a valuable part of their social media mix. (You can tell you CT based clients now! 🙂

    ‘Hope it goes great,

    – – Tim

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