New CU Chat internet radio show

CU Chat UpI was delighted to be a guest yesterday on Carla Day’s new weekly internet radio show on Credit Unions. Carla is a fantastic host, and is wonderful credit union advocate. I first met Carla in person at EverythingCU’s Little-B Pokagon, held in Indiana earlier this year. Carla later came to TQ NYC to continue her social media immersion.

A huge thank you to Carla for having me as a guest on her show! I thoroughly enjoyed talking about BarCampBanks and PodCamps, as well as’s new social media product for credit unions, PlumWall. Here’s a recording of the show in case you missed it:

Tune in weekly, Wednesdays at 3:00 eastern/2:00 Central to listen to future CU Chat shows!


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One Response to “New CU Chat internet radio show”

  1. Carla Day Says:

    Thank you, Morriss. You were a great guest. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. I received many emails and calls about how informative your segment was. I am looking suggestions for future topics and guests.

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