The Shevlinator is back!

Marketing Tea Party

Marketing Tea Party

I am very excited that Mr. Ron Shevlin is back and blogging again, and debunking more marketing myths than ever before. I always appreciate the analysis and dose-of-reality he brings to his topics.

There are two reasons that I love Ron’s blog: Ron’s excellent, and usually humorous posts, but equally important, the outstanding conversation he elicits from some really smart, quality people. Ron is a lightening rod because of his own keen analytical mind, and well-reasoned, thoroughly thought-out blog posts, whether or not you agree with them. Because Ron is posting quality stuff, he attracts quality commentary.

So here’s a tip for those who are looking to gain more traffic and more conversation on their blog: feature your readers comments PROMINENTLY. Put “Most Recent Comments” near the top of your blog’s sidebar. I will visit Ron’s blog often, even when Ron hasn’t written a new post, just to see what new conversation may have happened there. (His old blog had reader comments featured in this way, and he’s working on adding it to his new blog.)

P.S. I am beyond flattered that Ron uses Maurice Purdue as one of his target reading audience members. Looks like I’ll have to create a new Google Alert for that guy.

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