The NCUA Corporate Stabilization Program

Here are links to discussion and resources about the NCUA Corporate Stabilization Program:

Resources from the NCUA itself and CUNA:

Webinars/teleconference about it:

Blogs about it:

If you are an employee of a CU, League, or Corporate, discussion here:

Credit union reaction/outrage:

News articles:

Here’s what Corporate Credit Unions are saying:

Please feel free to improve the wikipedia article I started on it:


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7 Responses to “The NCUA Corporate Stabilization Program”

  1. Ginny Brady Says:

    Thanks for the links, Morriss. There are more being added daily. Can you think of a way that we could collaborate and do a mega list which is continuously updated? I’ve got some links that would also shed some light on the history of this debacle (the CapCorp failure in 1995).

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    I don’t know of an easy effective way to do that. A wiki might be a good method, but I don’t have the knowledge to set one up. But in absence of the perfect thing, if you make a blog entry with your links, I’ll certainly link to it from this entry. And thanks for the news links!

  3. Analysis Of Estimated Costs Of NCUA Corporate Stabilization Program [NCUA] « Credit Union Potential Says:

    […] Last month, the NCUA issued a letter stating that corporate credit unions needed an infusion of capital to the tune of $4.7 billion dollars ($1 billion in realized losses and $3.7 billion in expected losses) and, to the discomfort of credit unions everywhere, they were told they would be footing the bill.  (Note: A comprehensive look at the events leading to this program as well as discussion can be found at the EverythingCU blog.) […]

  4. Ben Rogers Says:

    Great summary, Morriss. Thanks for bringing this together.

  5. Robin Marohn Says:

    Outstanding! Posted a link on our Intranet for staff and Board.

  6. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Robin!

    Glad it’s useful to you!

    If you found this useful, perhaps you’ll also find my
    summary of the situation, on EverythingCU
    , to be valuable.

  7. Blindsided by US Central and the NCUA « World 2.0 Adventure Says:

    […] World 2.0 Adventure Exploring new frontiers in the convergence of branding, marketing & technology « The NCUA Corporate Stabilization Program […]

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