Marketing 2.0 in song

There are times when experience trumps youth. But in marketing today, fresh thinking is where it’s at. I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Corliss (@repcor on twitter) at PodCampBoston 3, and discovered a wonderful YouTube video of her college singing group spontaneously performing Torn, a capella, on the Boston T. Now’s she’s at it again, showing us that call centers are marketing’s dinosaur.

I LOVE recursiveness, and this video itself is a great example of inbound marketing. By creating a music video which is fun as well as educational, people like me are blogging and tweeting it (35 tweets this morning, just on oughta know, and more than 75 to or about Rebecca), of course all voluntarily. Also note that the lyrics contain the line “search results one, two, and three,” while the video wraps with a Google search on “inbound marketing.” Four of the top five results either belong to Hubspot, or an event sponsored by Hubspot.

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3 Responses to “Marketing 2.0 in song”

  1. Rebecca Corliss Says:

    Thank you for this post! This project was more fun than you can imagine, and I love that everyone’s enjoying it!

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Update: In viewing @repcor’s twitterstream, I discovered that this video is the third result if you search for Marketing on YouTube. Views are at 7,520 at 9:16 pm Eastern time.

    December 9, 9:58am update: Views doubled overnight to 15,734.

  3. Morriss Partee Says:

    Yet another update: a little over 24 hours after being published, it has a little over 19,000 views, and was placed on Boston University College of Communications’ home page.

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