Open House!

Open HouseThank you to everyone who has been a part of over the past eight adventure filled years. We’re celebrating International CU Day today and our expanded offices with an Open House in our offices in Open Square, Holyoke, Massachusetts. Please stop by and say hi if you are in the area, and if you’re not in the area, please take a second to log in below and type hi. We’re doing this from 5pm to 7pm Eastern Time followed by an hour of Rock Band fun.

Click here to view EverythingCU’s live video stream


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7 Responses to “Open House!”

  1. Andy LaFlamme Says:

    Morris, you rock. Everything CU is a great site and I think it has a ton to offer the credit union movement. I’m glad I’ve gotten to be a part of the Everything CU community.

    Wish I could join you for the open house. Its always fun hanging with you and I hope to meet the rest of the ECU crew sometime. Have fun christening your new digs with some Rock Band action!

  2. Julie Brock Says:

    Have a great time this evening! Get your party on!

  3. VSelfridge Says:

    Hey Morris – have a good one! 🙂

  4. Nancy Ninesling Says:

    Darn!! Should have checked my feeds earlier today. Would have loved to stop up. Was actually at the airport, so I wasn’t that far. Maybe next time. Congrats and hope it was fun.

  5. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Nancy, Victoria, Julie & Andy,

    Thanks so much for stopping by here and commenting! Hope we didn’t look too silly if you checked out the live vid stream. 🙂 If you are ever in the area (going through I-91 in Massachusetts), please stop in! We’re not too far off of I-91, and also near the intersection of I-91 with the Mass Pike (I-90).

  6. Morriss Partee Says:

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by, in person and online. And special mad props to Christian Mullins who came all the way from Portland, Maine (Andy, you could have carpooled with him). Christian is the author of the CU Potential blog, and is the most well-informed person about CU mergers that I have ever met. He’s currently shedding light on what’s going on with the plans for KV FCU to merge into a larger bank in Maine.

    It was also wonderful to meet Dave Sweeney of Veritech in-person, and see Dave DelVecchio of IBS again. Also Jon Reske of UMassFive College FCU, John Aubin, owner of Open Square, Tish Grier, independent blog/social media consultant, Bronwen of CDEVision, Steve and Patrick from Atlas Tech, and many other great folks.

    Those stopping by virtually included Ron Shevlin of Aite Group, Matt “CUWarrior” Davis of Members CU, Tim McAlpine of Currency Marketing, and Christopher Morris of CUNA. And Jennine Perone of Marquis was nice enough to send us a lovely housewarming plant.

    Thanks for coming; it means a lot to us!

  7. Mark Vautour Says:

    Bummed I couldn’t make it. I’ll have to make it a point to visit the new digs. When you’re near Braintree next I’ll show you around our new digs.

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