The internet overdose song

Disclaimer: This song is a light-hearted antidote to the somberness of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. If you want or need a pick-me up for what you might be feeling today, watch this video. Otherwise, don’t.

(If you “get” this song, step away from your laptop. Go out your door. Commune with the beauty that is nature.)


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One Response to “The internet overdose song”

  1. Ginny Brady Says:

    Morriss, This is one of those songs that touches exactly where I am on September 11, 2008. I know I’m addicted to RSS especially during this political campaign. I’ve got to “Get A Grip” and stop checking Google Reader every 15 minutes. I think I’ll put this You Tube link on my desktop and play it in between the lipstick wars.

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