Under the hood of a blog

During the World 2.0/PR Buzz workshop I gave for the Georgia Credit Union Marketing Council in June, I showed attendees how to start a blog, and even created a live blog posting, complete with photo, right before their eyes. One of the questions from the group had to do with stats and tracking of the blog. All blog platforms have some type of stat reporting. In fact, WordPress recently announced new and improved stats.

I realized that unless you start your own WordPress blog, you won’t know what kind of stats you can expect to see. So to clear up that mystery, I’ll show you some of the stats from this blog.


Today, it’s Search Engine terms. When you check your general stat page on WordPress, you’ll see the search terms people are using to find your blog. The image to the right is a 30-day snapshot of search terms people are using to find this blog. Much to my amusement, ‘amish’ and related searches are always the number one way people find me via search. This month ‘decoupled debit card’ is running a close second. I never expected ‘amish’ to be so popular. (Here are my entries on Opening new accounts for the Amish and Decoupled debit lives again.

I don’t know which search engine these hits are coming from (and I’ve checked the first 10 pages of Google, and looked at ask.com, live.com, and yahoo.com), so if you uncover it, let me know. I realize that these hits are not relevant to the purpose of this blog, so I take no pride in the 450 readers per month who find this blog that way. These hits are like strangers knocking on your front door who are really looking for a neighbor’s house.

There is not yet much information online about ‘decoupled debit cards’ so these results show that to gain readership, either blog about things that are very popular (Amish) or things that are very unique, or not yet widely discussed online (decoupled debit cards).

However, random searches are not the only way people find this blog, and I’ll discuss the other ways in a future post.

(For people who are already blogging reading this: I bet you have some funny or unusual search terms people are using to find your blog. Please feel free to share the terms you never thought would lead people to find you!)


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One Response to “Under the hood of a blog”

  1. Jeffry Pilcher Says:

    I’d expect your search terms to be stuff like “credit union marketing.”

    If you aren’t breaking news on a regular basis (like the less-covered “decoupled credit card”), you won’t often rise to the top of a search result. If you’re not in the top 3-5, it almost doesn’t matter.

    WOM is the best way for a blog like this to spread.

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