Social Media Marketing Best Practice: Everything links

Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation announced he is working on a project of best practices in social media marketing.

Here’s one: Make sure EVERYTHING links to EVERYTHING.

Social media encompasses much more than blogging, which was the origin of social media. Social media now includes:

  • Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook
  • Photo and video sharing sites such as Flickr, YouTube, and 12 seconds
  • Blogs, such as those found on WordPress, TypePad, and Blogger
  • Realtime conversation sites such as Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku,
  • Virtual worlds like Second Life
  • Your main web site

Chart by Fred Cavazza

With such a divergence of sites, it’s easy to forget that people are going to run across your media on any of the sites they reside on, not just your “main” site. My own work flow consists of posting photos to Flickr, some of which I then use in my WordPress blog. When composing a blog entry on WordPress, I link to my Flickr photos. I usually also remember (though not always) to write in the description of my Flickr photos that I’ve written a blog entry with it and provide a link to the blog entry. Flickr is a sharing community in its own right, and some people will discover your blog from a link on your Flickr photo, not just the other way around. Otherwise people who find your photo on Flickr would have no clue that it is being used in your blog post. (For instance, I found the attached Fred Cavazza image because my friend Jean-Christophe Capelli commented on his Flickr photo. Fred was already following this linking advice; he provided a link back to his blog entry on his Flickr photo.)

Bottom line: Make sure EVERYTHING links to EVERYTHING. No matter if its your main web site, your blog site, your Flickr photos, your 12 second videos, your tweets, your Facebook fan site, or anything else. Make sure it all links to each other and to your main web site. You’ve got their attention, don’t blow it by not providing a link to where you want your visitors to go at every opportunity.


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4 Responses to “Social Media Marketing Best Practice: Everything links”

  1. Mitch Joel - Twist Image Says:

    excellent – thanks for adding your thoughts!

  2. Ginny Brady Says:

    You make a great point but I find proper linking a daunting task. I think one of the secrets to using Flickr effectively is to develop a consistent tagging system. Tagging properly also provides a linking vehicle. My Flickr account has a hodgepodge of Boardcast/UFirst related pictures and personal photos. One of my goals is to tag my pictures in a consistent way. This might go a long way to improve my linking strategies.

  3. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Ginny, you bring up a great point as well. Good linking between your blog and your flickr photos should be fairly straightforward. Flickr gives you ready-made code to cut and paste into your blog (or even a shortcut to add it to your blog), and then it’s pretty easy to add a link on the Flickr photo’s description to your blog entry’s permalink. This does require that you have a base level of understanding of both the ‘a href’ tag and the ‘img src’ tag. Those are the two foundational tags of good blogging and linking, and should be in every blogger/social media person’s arsenal.

    Also, as far as tagging in Flickr, I think tagging is a good idea (and it’s a good idea to tag well in your blog also), but you might be better served with sets and groups on Flickr. For instance, you could make a set of photos from the Annual Meeting, then also make a public group for your Annual Meeting, and invite all others to post their shots of it as well.

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