Thoughts from PodCampBoston 3

Panel on PR and social mediaI just returned from an incredible weekend of PodCampBoston 3. This was my second PodCamp, both in Boston, and my sixth ‘camp’ of any type. (FacebookCampToronto2, PodCampBoston2, BarCampBankSF, BarCampBankNewEngland, BarCampMoneyNYC). I first heard about “Camps” when I was invited to, then read post-event blogs about, BarCampBank Seattle, the first camp of its type held in North America. Reading about the sessions as they were posted to the web in near-real time, and how amazing the experience was universally for the attendees, made me eager to learn more about it.

Chris Brogan-First morning's unKeynoteMy first PodCampBoston (number 2) was a great experience. Even though I had years of experience in online community building because of my work creating EverythingCU, I was an outsider and newbie to PodCamp. It seemed like everyone already knew each other. I’m fairly social though, and did meet many great people. But never having been there before, especially when a great number of folks had the common bond of having CREATED the first one out of thin air, I naturally had the feeling of an outsider.

Joseph B Martin Conference CenterBut this one was different for me. Because I had met many people at PodCampBoston2, I had many “great to see you again” moments at PodCampBoston3. Also, because I had started interacting online with many people involved with social media in the greater Boston area, I had many “nice to meet you in person at last” moments, including with someone from my neck of the woods in Western Mass. One thing that really floored me was that when Chris Brogan arrived in the morning, he recognized me even though I wasn’t wearing a name tag yet. Wow, he’s good.

Best photo:
Parking Meter – FAIL
by Shelley Greenberg, aka the Spotted Duck

Best quote:
“And that’s where I ran out of Schlitz.” – from @JoeCascio getting to the end of his slides at the distributed microblogging session

Best tweet:
from @limeduck “Twitter can haz revenyoo model pls?” (view original)

Best unexpected delight of the camp:
Free parking in the middle of Boston

Best shirt:
Steve Garfield
(captured by Gradon Tripp)

Runners up:
Adam Zand,
Todd Van Hoosear

Best unexpected person I met:
Stewart Sims, the marketing genius who brought the Rubix Cube to the United States.

Best photo concept: Greg Peverill-Conti attempting to get a head shot of every camper

Best analogy:
Adam Zand for Social Media as High School

Best post-event blog summary:
Five Lessons from PodCamp Boston from the Spotted Duck

Gradon is looking at Suki's answersBest live-tweeting of the sessions:
@Gradon Tripp

Best personal revelation based on what someone else tweeted:
Twitter is like having a room full of friends inside your head (view original) (Fortunately, it comes with a mute button.)

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6 Responses to “Thoughts from PodCampBoston 3”

  1. Gradon Says:

    That looks like me in high school – writing notes to others, not paying attention. 🙂 Great write up, Morriss. It was great to meet you in person!

  2. Cristos Lianides-Chin Says:

    It’s encouraging to hear that you felt like a bit of an outsider at your first PodCamp, too. I look forward to some of those “great to see you again” and “nice to meet you at last” moments next year 🙂

  3. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Cristos — That’s the nature of any sort of ongoing event. There are veterans, and there are first-times. The first-timers will have a feeling of being alone, outsiders, not “part of the club”. So any event benefits from a first-timers orientation or welcoming session.

    On the positive side, there are now ways to have some online connection before the event happens, so there is a little bit more of the “nice to meet you in person at last” feeling at the event itself. Stay tuned to this blog for more ideas about how we can improve the next PodCamp.

  4. Adam Zand Says:

    Better late than never – thanks for the awards (“Jesus Loves Porn Stars” runner up?!) and coming to see me and Leslie talk “How Social Media is Like High School.” You are signing my 2009 Yearbook! BFF!

  5. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hey Adam, I will even give “Jesus loves Porn Stars” as tied for best t-shirt of the camp. And you definitely win for best glasses worn at the camp too.

  6. PodCamp Boston 5 tomorrow! « World 2.0 Adventure Says:

    […] Thoughts from PodCamp Boston3 […]

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