Decoupled Debit Card Lives Again!

CapitalOne Decoupled card livesIt’s back! And it’s bigger and badder than ever!

I first heard about the decoupled debit card in June of 2007. Then I learned that this one-year experiment was over. But was that the end of it? No! Definitely not! For more details on the Decoupled Debit Card’s reincarnation read my guest post on The Members’ Group blog called the Payment Industry Insider. Thank you to Online Marketing Strategist Mike Templeton for running it there.

Update 7/3: Scott Loftesness has also linked to this story on Glenbrook Partner’s Payments News blog, as has Colin Henderson of the BankWatch. Also, in researching (i.e. Googling) for this story, I discovered that the Aite Group has done its own research on decoupled debit cards. Expect to hear more from them.


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3 Responses to “Decoupled Debit Card Lives Again!”

  1. Morriss Partee Says:

    This story was picked up today, July 7, 2008, by American Banker. (Trial subscription required.) I was surprised to learn that a source at Capital One states that this is not the first time that CapOne has offered a decoupled debit card nationwide, and also not the first time it has offered a decoupled debit card without a co-branding partner.

  2. Decoupled debit Says:

    Is decoupled debit legal in Canada?

  3. Under the hood of a blog « World 2.0 Adventure Says:

    […] Today, it’s Search Engine terms. When you check your general stat page on WordPress, you’ll see the search terms people are using to find your blog. The image to the right is a 30-day snapshot of search terms people are using to find this blog. Much to my amusement, ‘amish’ and related searches are always the number one way people find me via search. This month ‘decoupled debit card’ is running a close second. I never expected ‘amish’ to be so popular. (Here are my entries on Opening new accounts for the Amish and Decoupled debit lives again. […]

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