The Georgia Marketing Council Rocks!!!

Georgia Marketing CouncilThis “live” blog post is being typed out in front of the best people in the credit union world, who happen to live in the beautiful state of Georgia. The rest of the world should be jealous of their sweet tea and peach cobbler! And several of these sharp folks plan to start blogging with their members, and many are now twittering as well. (Here is a page of Twitter Tips to help folks get started with Twitter.) Even more exciting is that the handful of GA marketers who were not already members of have now seen the benefits of that community and are now signed up!


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13 Responses to “The Georgia Marketing Council Rocks!!!”

  1. Julie Says:

    you betcha we do, brother!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    We are good lookin’!

  3. katie duncan Says:


  4. Butch Says:

    Glad to have you down here in God’s Country!

  5. Ginny Brady Says:

    It was fun Tweeting with you.

  6. Morriss Partee Says:

    @Ginny Thanks for tweeting with us! If you felt your ears getting hot, it’s because we were talking about your groundbreaking work with the Boardcast, and what a great thing it is you are doing as a blogging board member!

  7. Andy LaFlamme Says:

    Looks like a fine bunch of CU marketers 🙂

    My girlfriend’s cousin just moved to Georgia, he loves it there, sounds like a wonderful state.

  8. Mike Bartoo Says:

    Morriss – sounds like you’re enjoying the trip – much shorter flight than Newport Beach and, oddly enough, I don’t remember them offering sweet tea at Sharky’s!

  9. JD Valerio Says:

    Those Georgia Marketers are a fun group. Wish I could have been there. But on the otherhand – I am glad I had a chance to catch a breather after the MAC conference.

    Nice meeting you on the boat cruise by the way.

  10. George Pasley Says:

    Sweet tea just lets you know you’re really in the South. Now that you’ve been to Savannah, you might as well come their sister city Charleston in July

  11. Mike Templeton Says:

    Glad to see more CUers joining the blogosphere and being so enthused about doing so. I look forward to seeing more posts and content coming out of Georgia in the near future.

    Your group certainly had an excellent instructor to work with. 🙂

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  13. Under the hood of a blog « World 2.0 Adventure Says:

    […] Credit Union Marketing Council in June, I showed attendees how to start a blog, and even created a live blog posting, complete with photo, right there on the spot. One of the questions from the group had to do with […]

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