Bryan Sims and Brass|Media launching BrassTV

Bryan Sims is at it again, innovating at the intersection between Generation Y and Financial Institutions with BrassTV. I’m excited that EverythingCU’s Matt Taggart has booked Bryan to deliver a webinar on Generation Y for EverythingCU members on Thursday, April 24. Bryan will be telling us about reaching Generation Y, and how this generation is changing the way financial institutions need to do business. Bryan will be packing a lot of valuable and actionable information into this webinar, including what drives Gen Y’s choices, case studies of success in reaching Gen Y, and social media’s influence. I’m really looking forward to hearing the latest from Bryan!


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5 Responses to “Bryan Sims and Brass|Media launching BrassTV”

  1. Tim McAlpine Says:

    Wow, awesome video. Congratulations re in order to Bryan and company.

  2. Mike Templeton Says:

    I checked out the Brass website a few months ago and got into some of the videos they had put together. I really like the idea behind their strategy of licensing their content out to CUs in an effort to help serve the younger market.

    I think that the material they are putting together is great and really seems to be on point. I’m hoping to be on the receiving end of some live Tweeting during the webinar next week.

  3. Ginny Brady Says:

    Bryan’s style is cool and intelligent. I’m so happy that UFirst will be participating in the Webinar. His material is an asset to all credit unions. It’s great tweeting with Bryan, too.

  4. Bryan Sims Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the positive comments, and thank you Morriss for posting the video. Looking forward to the webinar!

  5. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hey Bryan, it’s truly an honor and privilege to be working with you! We are so impressed with the work that you and the rest of Brass are doing! It’s such a worthy mission you are on. I can’t wait to hear your latest insights next Thursday. Turn out for your upcoming webinar is top notch with 35 credit unions signed with one week still to go. Thanks for stopping by!

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