Thank you DC! You’ve been real!

Thirsty?Wow, what a great turnout at the TwittaBloggerSocial Meetup in DC on Tuesday night. Adam and I had dinner with Ginny Brady, Liz Woodard, and Jody Carpenter of UFirst FCU located in Plattsburgh NY ahead of the main meetup. Then 8:30 rolled around and we connected with Bryan Sims of Brass|CU located in Corvallis OR, and I met his Sales Manager Tim. Then we were joined by Jeff Hardin, Communications Director for the North Carolina CU League and Christopher Morris, Web Manager for the CUNA Councils, HQ’d in Madison, WI. Then Brent Dixon of Trabian, located in Dallas stopped in. Later we were joined by his brother Paul who now lives in San Fran. Then we were also joined by Rob Rutkowski of Current Issues in Credit Unions podcast fame, who was there with his brother, Tom. I also said hi to Mark Meyer of the Filene Research Institute who was grabbing a bite to eat with Bryan Sims earlier in the evening.

Conversations covered a wide range including Batman movies, the usefulness/uselessness of twitter, general impressions of the conference so far, and enjoying DC. Later the party moved across the block to the Renaissance Hotel. Brent, Paul, Adam and I decided to take a cab rather than having the downpour soak us. It was a very good call.

Twitter Group 1Photos are on Facebook and Flickr. I am still awaiting the group photo from Ginny Brady. My favorite part of the meet up: I just couldn’t get over sitting at the same table with Ginny, Jeff, Christopher, Brent, and Rob, who blog and/or twitter from NY, NC, WI, TX, and OH respectively. What was your favorite thing about it?


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7 Responses to “Thank you DC! You’ve been real!”

  1. Christopher Says:

    It was nice seeing that everyone was even cooler in person than online.

    Also, it’s not often that I show off the ink, but Adam and I were having a nerd-off over Batman and Indiana Jones. Awesome!

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Christopher, I think you win for the person who is most cooler in person than online. By ten miles.

  3. Ginny Brady Says:

    Morriss, Jody, Liz and I had a terrific time on Tuesday night. Isn’t it wonderful to have had an opportunity to have so many of us Bloggers together. I feel like I’ve neglected the Facebook page, Flickr albums and the Boardcast. I’ve been having a wonderful time, though, meeting some great credit union professionals. I hope to use the next few days to edit my pictures and get them up on Flickr. I had the privilege of being at today’s House Finance testimony in person. It was thrilling and I’ll be recording my impressions on the Boardcast along with lots of other content.

  4. Andy Says:

    Sounds like it was an awesome time, wish I could have made it. Oh well, guess there’s always next time 🙂

  5. Morriss Partee Says:

    @ Ginny – Can’t wait to read about your experiences on the Boardcast.

    @ Andy – You’ll get to meet Jeff Hardin, Gene Blishen, Ginny Brady, Ron Shevlin and others at BarCampBank NewEngland in less than a month!

  6. Rob Rutkowski Says:

    I finally got my post on this up this morning. Great meeting everyone!

  7. Christopher Says:

    Can you feel the twittabloggasocial love?

    BTW – that pic in the post (by Ginny I think) is a great one. We all look like we are having fun, which we were…except for Adam who is ignoring the camera to talk to Liz.

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