TV News meets Kung Fu via Facebook

Chinese New Year’s resident Cold Fusion programming genius, Adam Lueb is a busy guy. In addition to keeping the site humming and implementing Online Switch Kits for scores of credit unions all over the country, he also runs the Shaolin Kung Fu Center in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Tonight, Adam and the Center held a Chinese New Year’s celebration and Kung Fu demonstration. And Adam, being the social person, and savvy entrepreneur that he is, listed the celebration on Facebook. In addition to being a great time, the Chinese New Year’s celebration and Kung Fu demonstration is also a way to get new people interested in becoming Kung Fu students. So Adam hoped to attract additional people to the event via Facebook.

When an event is posted to Facebook, if it’s a regional event, it will appear on the Network’s home page calendar unless you choose not to have it appear there. Oh, and did I mention the cost to put your event on Facebook? It’s free.

A couple of days ago, Adam got a phone call from a reporter for one of the local TV News stations, an ABC affliate, WGGB ABCNews 40. She wanted to cover the event. Adam readily agreed, and asked how she had heard about it. The calendar of events on the Network page of Facebook was the answer.

So what is the lesson from this chain of events? Well-planned events that are closely connected to your core brand/business strategy are terrific for getting the word out about your organization. And you never know who is going to see your event when you publicize it in online channels. By the way, the Celebration was enthralling. Here is the event’s Facebook page, and more photos.


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