Meet-up at GAC in DC on March 4

For anyone who is coming to CUNA’s GAC extravaganza in Washington DC from March 2 through 6, myself, Matt Taggart, and Adam Lueb will be dropping in on Tuesday evening, March 4 for a Networking meetup at Capital City Brewing Company at 8:30 pm. Ginny Brady, blogging board member of UFirst FCU in Plattsburgh NY will be there, along with Christopher Morris of the CUNA Councils. (Ginny has also created a Facebook page for GAC-goers.)

If you are going to GAC and want to meet up with fellow social media/blogger/twitter/EverythingCU-ers, either comment here, post it on the facebook event page here, or shoot me an email. Even if you are not attending GAC, if you are in the DC, VA, MD area, we’d love to meet up with you on Tuesday night for drinks.


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7 Responses to “Meet-up at GAC in DC on March 4”

  1. Robbie Wright Says:

    I’ll be there! I’ll email you some details in a minute Morriss and we’ll see if we can get together!

  2. Brian Scott Says:

    I’ll be there too! Look forward to meeting everyone!

  3. Christopher Says:

    It’s going to be fun – looking forward to finally meeting all of you folks in the blogosphere in the flesh.

  4. Morriss Partee Says:

    This meetup is really coming together. After some emails and web surfing between myself, Christopher Morris and Ginny Brady, we’ve settled on 8:30 pm for drinks at the Capital City Brewing Company (downtown location, across from the convention center.) A sub-event has been set-up in Facebook for confirmations and details here.

    Already confirmed include: myself, Ginny, Christopher, Matt Taggart, Adam Lueb, Jeff Hardin, Robbie Wright and Brian Scott. Hopefully coming include: Mia Perez, Bryan Sims, George Hofheimer, and Jody Carpenter.

  5. Rob Rutkowski Says:

    I’m in town speaking for the MD/DC league on Tuesday and Wednesday. This sounds like fun!

  6. Morriss Partee Says:

    @Rob Rutkowski – that’s fantastic; we’d love to have you join in our little meet-up on Tuesday night if you can swing it.

  7. Something positive always comes out of conferences « World 2.0 Adventure Says:

    […] This trip is already worth it, and we’ve only connected with one person so far and haven’t even gotten to the main event; the reason why we’re here, the TwittaBloggerSocial MeetUp. […]

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