The Boardcast gets a new look

Nate Duval, designer extraordinaire for EverythingCU, has given Ginny Brady’s Boardcast a brand new look. Ginny is the CU movement’s first board member to blog, on behalf of UFirst FCU in Plattsburgh NY, and we’re excited to have a hand in helping her with this update.

Nate did a terrific job in interpreting Ginny’s desire to have a clean, new modern look, that had its own identity, yet related in look to UFirst FCU. My favorite aspect of Nate’s new design is by going with a white background, the design now reinforces what is a central principle for the Boardcast — to bring the ideas, thoughts and concerns of the Board of Directors out in the open — to allow for true conversation between Board and concerned members, something which seems very natural for a democratically elected Board to do. In other words, shining a bright light on what has previously been a closed-door environment.

We here at EverythingCU sincerely hope that Ginny’s Boardcast starts a trend with Board of Directors at CUs across North America, and indeed around the world. The fact that we had the privilege to work with Ginny was itself due to social networking. I first had the privilege of meeting Ginny in Spokane, where she was presenting her blogging experience on a panel alongside William Azaroff and Trey Reeme at the WCUL’s annual convention. When I realized that Ginny’s home base was but a four-hour car ride from EverythingCU headquarters in Western Mass, I knew a visit was in order. When I visited Plattsburgh, I learned that EverythingCU was already known to the credit union, especially rock star Adam Lueb who had smoothly assisted UFirst FCU with upgrading their online switch kit when they redesigned their web site.


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4 Responses to “The Boardcast gets a new look”

  1. Ginny Brady Says:

    Morriss, Thanks to you and Nate, I think the Boardcast has made an excellent start to its second year.

  2. Jeffry Pilcher Says:

    While “The Boardcast” will probably never receive the same level of recognition as that of other social media efforts, it is a breakthrough – not a radically transformative breakthrough, but the kind of incremental change that shifts the way we all think about our industry.

    Most members won’t reflexively flock to “The Boardcast,” but for those who truly value their democratic role in credit unions, this type of tool should be well received – even if only by a small number of members (as I anticipate).

    Are people clamoring for greater involvement in their credit unions? Honestly? Not really. But can the members of UFirst complain about being shut out? Not a chance. Does a tool like this make it easier to get involved? Absolutely, especially for the up-and-coming generations of members.

    At the very least, “The Boardcast” provides a much-needed boost in the level of transparency of credit union boards. Members shouldn’t be able to say, “No one told us about this!” or “I didn’t know about that.” And if a crisis should come along that engages a wider member audience, the credit union will have a focal point for the conversation, which is substantially preferable to (A) letting people find their own venue(s) for venting, and/or (B) trying to find out where that venting is occurring.

    The fact that “The Boardcast” was just overhauled should telegraph a message to others in the industry: “UFirst experimented. The experiment was cheap, but proved successful enough that we are making a deeper commitment.” Expect people to take notice.

    Props to Ginny (and her fellow board members) for being plucky. If the credit union industry had a few more social media champions like her, the conversations everyone is having about new online tools might go a little more smoothly.

  3. Ginny Brady Says:

    Jeffry, The Boardcast has been an interesting experiment. I appreciate your support and the encouragement I have received from the other professionals in the credit union (and banking) world. My goal is that a significant portion of our UFirst membership will check the Boardcast, regularly, and, when the topics strike them, join in a dialog about their credit union. This might be a “pipe dream” but dreams are what give life it’s excitement. I’ll let you in on a secret – my other goal for the Boardcast is to encourage a movement of transparency on the part of CU Boards throughout the credit union world. Now there’s a “pipe dream” for you!

  4. Jeffry Pilcher Says:

    To clarify, I believe the most positive aspect of “The Boardcast” addresses the issue of board transparency.

    It’s not an industry pipe dream – certainly not with pioneers like UFirst showing the way.

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