That’s just twitterrific.

When twitter first came on my radar screen last summer, I thought it was interesting, but not much more than a glorified Instant Messaging site. And I didn’t think there would be much business use for it. Something for people who are ADD-challenged. Gosh, was I wrong. (except for that last part. If you aren’t ADD-challenged, and use a twitter helper app like twitterrific… you will soon suffer from ADD.)

I discovered that many colleagues are on twitter, as well as many innovators in the arena of social media in general. So after dipping my toe into twitter at the end of July, I became interested in (hooked on?) twitter at the beginning of October.

The latest intriguing phenomenon I’m seeing, through twitter conversation, is that colleagues are connected to each other better than reporters are. A New Zealand-native reporter, living in Panama, who interviewed me for a report on web 2.0 and financial institutions asked me who else he should contact. I recommended Shari Storm of Verity CU, William Azaroff of Vancity CU, Peter Glyman of Geezeo, and Ron Shevlin of Epsilon. It turns out that he had already set up an interview with Ron for the next day. Shari was also already on his list, but he didn’t have direct contact information for her, only her agent. The next day I saw Ron twitter to William that he had referred the reporter to William, but that William was already on his interview list. Over the next couple of weeks, I saw more tweets among others in this social media/finance circle about being interviewed for the report. The reporter didn’t know that most of his interviewees were already connected with each other through friendships and/or twitter already.

Earlier today, Shari posed a question to her twitter friends about how she should respond to a particular question from a different reporter. It’s fascinating that information is shared on twitter before conventional media (even electronic media) can report it. I bet this trend will become more and more common as more people discover the crazy, connected, fast-paced world that is twitter. Reporters would be smart to get on twitter and cultivate as many twitter friendships as possible.


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4 Responses to “That’s just twitterrific.”

  1. shari storm Says:

    I was on the phone with a completely different reporter than the ones you mentioned in this post and she says to me “so-and-so said he twittered you about my article. What the heck is twitter?”

    It is nice to have a heads up when there is a story being done on this topic and to know who has talked to whom before you even get on the phone with a reporter.

    And that’s my justification for using twitter…. ha ha.

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hey Shari, good justification! he he. The greater connectedness of the online world poses an interesting challenge to traditional news media and reporters. These examples show that reporters now have to develop positive relationships with the people they are interviewing… because colleagues can warn each other very swiftly if a reporter is less than professional. Conversely a skilled and friendly reporter working for good publications will get referrals for additional sources.

  3. Andy Says:

    I think its great that people now have the recourses to break their own news. instead of hearing the spin a reporter puts on a story, we can get it “strait from the horses mouth” so to speak, all at a speed unheard of in traditional media. I’m still trying to get accustomed to Twitter and how to use it effectively, but it seems like a great tool for staying updated.

  4. Your members are talking. Are you listening? « World 2.0 Adventure Says:

    […] In both of these workshops, one of the things we covered is the new communication service called Twitter. I’m sure that attendees never dreamed when coming to the workshop that they would sign up […]

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