Successful World 2.0 Hands-on Workshop in Lake George

Explaining World 2.0Just got back from a fun, intense day of leading a workshop for the NYSCUL Adirondack and Capital Region Chapters on Bringing Your CU into World 2.0. This was a laptops-up, hands-on workshop, and it was a resounding success. As part of the workshop, we twittered with several people who couldn’t be at the event, including Ginny Brady, Ron Shevlin, Jeff Hardin, and even Brent Dixon, who we conversed with while he was with 20-year-old Board Member Justin Ho in Austin TX for the YES Summit. Via twitter, Brent asked our collective workshop in Lake George if we had any questions for Justin. Linda Dickie, of Hudson River Community CU asked what the average age of Justin’s board was. I twittered that question to Brent, who in turn asked Justin. Brent twittered back to us that the answer was 57. (A very young number according to our Lake George friends.)

Laptops Up at Lake George NYIt was fantastic to take the mystique out of World 2.0 by demonstrating how quick, simple and free it is to sign up for these tools and sites. Attendees now have the foundation for how to succeed and win in this new World 2.0 we are living in.

Also, huge props go to Linda Bourgeois and Jody Carpenter of UFirst FCU, for organizing the event and making today possible. In addition, a big thank you to EverythingCU’s Dan Reynolds and Adam Lueb, who demonstrated EverythingCU’s webinar interface and online switch kit, respectively (and for taking some great pics of the workshop). And it was indeed great to meet Charles Folensbee, Matt Barbell, Kim Reilly, and Kip Summerlin in person at last, and to reconnect with Walt Everhardt, VP of Marketing for First New York FCU, who has been blogging for several months now.

Demonstrating blog commentingI will be doing this workshop throughout 2008 to help CUs across the country experience first-hand how easy it is to get going with World 2.0. If you know the education director at your state’s CU League, please email me and I will email you back a PDF containing the info that is covered in this hands-on workshop that you can, in turn, forward to him or her. If you attended this event, in-person or virtually via twitter, please comment here! Here are some Twitter Tips. Also, if you send me your email, I’ll send you a PDF of the slide deck. Let me know what we could have done better, or what topics you’d like to see covered more, or less of. More of Adam’s great photos of the event available here.

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10 Responses to “Successful World 2.0 Hands-on Workshop in Lake George”

  1. Ginny Brady Says:

    Hey Morriss, Great job! Your post makes me wish I’d been able to join you. I’d love it if you email me the Twitter tricks and the slides.

    I had fun participating via Twitter -your presentation is a great addition to the CU training menu. It should be “basic training” for CU leaders, personnel and board members.

  2. Linda Bourgeois Says:

    Attending the session yesterday was a huge eye opener for me. I left the session with a much better understanding of the whole process (and ease) in regards to blogging and the world 2.0.

    Thank you to you and your team for a job well done!

  3. The Credit Union Warrior Says:


    It was fun Twittering with people I’d never met that shared my excitement for credit unions. Sounds like it was a wonderful workshp!

  4. Trey Reeme Says:

    I hate that I missed it! Sounds like a great session!

  5. Walt Everhardt Says:


    It was a great seeing you again and participating in the discussion. I was glad to share my experiences with the rest of the group on blogging. Our credit union is just getting started with world 2.0, but I came out of the workshop with a better understanding.

    Thanks to you, Dan and Adam for putting on a great workshop!!!

  6. Jeffry Pilcher Says:

    Nice photos.

  7. Morriss Partee Says:

    @ Ginny – Thanks for the kind words and being with us via twitter. That was great. I also do a World 2.0 presentation, that is suitable for CEOs, VPs, board members, etc.

    @Linda – thrilled that it was so valuable! Thank you for making it happen! And sharing your feedback.

    @Warrior – cool beans. if you think that the people in the workshop are great (and they were incredible indeed), check out more awesome CU people sharing and conversing on EverythingCU!

    @Trey – well, you are huge inspiration for the twitter aspect of it. very sorry we didn’t connect with you via twitter, but we hope to do this many more times, so next time!!! at least we connected with Brent in Austin and Ginny in Plattsburgh.

    @Walt – Thank YOU for sharing your experience and re-arranging your schedule to be there. Glad we could shed additional light on blogging and connecting with your members.

  8. Christopher Says:

    The twittering “live” idea is cool!

  9. CU Communicator Says:

    Hi Morriss – I’m with the Warrior, it was a lot of fun going back and forth with the group! Since joining Twitter, it’s been fun to be able to connect daily with people I have never met, and to keep in touch with people I’ve met as a result of Social Media.

    After seeing the photos, the Adirondacks are now on my “to do” list. šŸ™‚

  10. Your members are talking. Are you listening? « World 2.0 Adventure Says:

    […] Are you listening? I’ve had the pleasure of delivering World 2.0 workshops to both the New York State Credit Union League, and the Georgia Marketing Council. In both of these workshops, one of the things we covered is the […]

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