From Gaining New SEGs to Cranking the Tunes

For seven years now, I have been privileged to witness an amazing amount of credit union-specific information being exchanged via EverythingCU. And I never cease to be amazed at the quality of ideas and the constant addition of great new topics. Yesterday, the conversation about Fresh Ideas for Gaining New SEGs caught my eye with some great techniques that have proven successful. Then today, as we head into shorter days and longer nights, we are having fun talking about Tunes to crank work out to… Our friend, Nicole Clark, who is the Marketing Director for True North FCU in Juneau, Alaska, wants some music recommends as her locale approaches days with nearly no sunlight at the solstice.


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One Response to “From Gaining New SEGs to Cranking the Tunes”

  1. Brian Scott Says:

    Offering business services is a great way to attract new SEG’s as well. Payroll services are especially attractive to small and medium sized businesses. Many small businesses amazingly don’t offer direct deposit and still pay their staff with checks.

    Some other ideas to attract small business could be: 1)Offering Merchant Services 2)Providing Business Credit and Debit Cards and 3)Hosting a monthly small business roundtable.

    Community Choice CU in Des Moines, IA is doing a great job of growing and maintaining their small business and SEG base.

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