Facebook revolutionizes marketing as we know it

Mark November 7, 2007 on your calendars. That is the date on which Facebook revolutionized marketing as we know it. Facebook was already an incredible platform for brands before that date, since anyone could create a group. But with Facebook’s latest announcement, marketing is taken to entirely new realm.

For the unintiated, Facebook might seem like just a smaller cousin version of MySpace. But nothing could be further than the truth. Facebook is much more than just another social networking site, it’s a whole new ballgame. Yesterday was the first day that Facebook put business pages on its site, where businesses can describe themselves and what is going on. But more importantly, people can now state their love of the business (by becoming a fan). What’s the big deal with that you say? The big deal is that if you are a fan of a company on Facebook, all of your friends see that you are a fan of that company. For instance, I love Apple, and already I am joined by 500 other people who love Apple. I’m sure that number will swell into the hundreds of thousands in short order. Now all my friends see that I am a fan of Apple. I also love the elegant simplicity of Skagen watches. While there does not yet exist a Skagen page, I will become a fan as soon as it is created. Imagine that you don’t have a favorite kind of watch. But you see that many of your friends like Skagen. Are you going to be influenced to at least consider Skagen the next time you are in a watch store? You better believe it…. and that’s not even taking into consideration any ads that might be served up… You would simply see a feed on your feed page that states that Morriss, Tim, Beth, and Michelle are all fans of Skagen watches. And that’s more powerful than the slickest, most creative, award winning ad that Madison Avenue could ever come up with.

Here’s a story from Indiana’s IndyStar.com, and reaction from Forrester’s Jeremiah Owyang.

So let me say this clearly: This is a revolution in marketing. Google created one revolution by showing you ads based on the words you use to search. But now in Facebook, ads will be shown to you if your friends like the company.

What does this mean? At last, once and for all, the END of DEMOGRAPHICS. No longer do ads target by gender, age, income, or zip code. People are influenced by their friends, and adopt their friends’ behaviors and characteristics. Facebook now has a mechanism to show you the companies, products, and brands that your friends like and trust. That cuts across age, gender, income, and zip code.

Advice: Create your brand’s Facebook page RIGHT NOW. It’s quick, easy, and free. Then start inviting your employees and best customers to become fans of the company.

Advice number two: Bring your customer service to new heights of excellence. People remember when they are treated exceptionally well or exceptionally poorly. Review sites have been around for a while. But Facebook takes it to a whole new level, enabling companies to flourish or flop in new record time, because word will spread even faster now than ever before.

This is Marketing 2.0. Are you on board?


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4 Responses to “Facebook revolutionizes marketing as we know it”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Hear! Hear!

  2. CU Communicator Says:

    Morriss – One Facebook group out there is Credit Union Members – CUNA is the reference link. Christopher, do we have you to thank for this? 🙂


  3. Christopher Says:

    Wasn’t me!

    It says the creator is:
    Scott Schmidt (Temple)
    PA – Philadelphia – Freedom Credit Union

    I know it’s not anyone at CUNA because they wouldn’t have listed the URL to cuna.org, the association/CU site –

    if the group is for CU members, it should be creditunion.coop – the consumer sight. Oy. Nice of Mr. Schmidt though!

    The new functionality – pages and ads are my fave – are pretty cool and easy to setup. Do it!

  4. Facebook - Powerful Marketing Platform « EverythingCU.com World 2.0 Adventure Says:

    […] of the very hottest web sites is Facebook. And that’s for good reason. It may be one of the greatest marketing platforms created to date. If you are a credit union, and you hold member education events, you need to get […]

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