News at the speed of a tar pit

Don’t get me wrong; I heart CU Times. It’s much more progressive than its ultra-conservative counterpart in the CU news industry, and has graciously covered some of EverythingCU’s developments and events. But I had to chuckle to myself when I saw the headline on CU Times’ October 24 edition on page one: Heads Up! Capital One’s New Decoupled Debit Card Could Threaten Core CU Product.

O hai! Really? You just heard about that now? Srsly? This was first brought to our attention on June 3 when EverythingCU site member and gnome Susan Epperson, whose Henrico FCU is located in Capital One’s backyard, wrote about it on EverythingCU. She saw it for herself at her local grocery store and put the word out about it on EverythingCU then. Javelin Research and Bank Watch covered it on June 4. I blogged about it on June 5.

Just goes to show that traditional media is still just a tad (4.5 months) behind the times. If you want to stay current, put your ear to the ground, errrrrr, EverythingCU and/or the blog-twitter-osphere. Thanks for alerting us to this “new” development months ago, Susan!


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One Response to “News at the speed of a tar pit”

  1. Colin Says:

    So true. Blogs really allow us to develop conversations about whatever is topical, and you can bet some blog somewhere will find the latest.
    Thanks for the link.

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