Great sessions at PodCampBoston

One of the wonderful things about a PodCamp is that it gets recorded, blogged, and twittered about. While I was there, I heard about some great sessions that I missed (with 6 or 7 tracks going on, it was often hard to choose among excellent ones.)

Sessions I attended: Dan York did one on best practices for conducting interviews for your podcast using VoIP. While he explained how using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), yields a much higher audio quality, I wished he would have covered how to get the best quality out of a simple set-up. The rig he talked about involved a mixer, headset, and two computers running simulataneously. Now don’t get me wrong, I am an audiophile and have a background in music engineering. But I’m not going to rig up a mixer, and two computers (one running Skype, the other recording) to conduct an interview for podcast. That stuff is all well and good, but I also want to know how I can do it with a PowerBook, Skype, and say, GarageBand. Or perhaps all I need is to conference in someone using Utterz.

David Maister is a fascinating British chap. He is a B2B consultant, and made some great points about how to achieve success in business. He gave fresh interpretations on “it’s not about you, it’s about them”. David on how to win business: Don’t tell the other person how great you are, instead start helping them right away. He gave away copies of his latest book at the end, but he gave away his last copy when I was next in line. 😦 Here is a link to a great blog post that he mentioned: Do you really want relationships? Another great quote: The route to business success may be fairly obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Jeff Pulver did a session that talked about his pioneering efforts in VoIP. Essentially, he is one of the people who changed the face of how telecoms work, and talked about some interesting moments being grilled for info in an unmarked building in DC with interviewers who wouldn’t identify themselves. Jeff talked about the importance of following your dreams and passions as an entrepreneur. Jeff was one of the major sponsors of the event, and sponsored part of the space in the convention center as well as the Saturday night party. Right now, he’s still in Boston, being a part of the VON conference, also in the BCEC. Best quote from Jeff during PodCampBoston: “We do most of our best thinking in the shower. Then why are there no showers in offices?”

Two other sessions that I missed, that there was positive buzz about: Laura Fitton’s Killer Presentations session, and Neil Gorman’s session that was originally titled Your Podcast is not a f***ing toaster. The link is to a video of this session given at a conference earlier this summer. This presentation is long, and starts with an excellent overview of the state of media/broadcasting/podcasting today. It then goes into some humor that only seasoned podcasters will find funny. Interestingly, I think podcaster burnout is probably caused by the one-way nature of podcasting. It is hard to always be speaking into a “vacuum”, i.e. speaking without an audience in front of you. Thus the popularity of interviews in the podcasting realm.

Another cool aspect of today’s networking technology, such as Facebook, and the wiki of this event, is that before the event, I saw that a Baltimorean, Greg Cangalosi, was coming north to be there. So I met him at the camp, along with another Baltimorean, David Beaudouin, who also created some good Utterz about the PodCamp.

photo courtesy Jeff O’Hara (blog)


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