PodCampBoston Wrap Up

The best takeaways from PodCampBoston:

0:00 – Utterz – Podcasting via cell phone
0:48 – Pod Group Twitter
1:48 – Lolsaurs
2:46 – StalkerStalker
4:01 – Moo Cards
4:27 – Live Video over Net
5:55 – BarCampBankNewEngland
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4 Responses to “PodCampBoston Wrap Up”

  1. Ginny Brady Says:

    Hi Morriss, Great audio post! I followed Podcamp Boston over the weekend and actually watched the pulvertv show on blogTV (I thought I saw you in the audience – were you sitting in the back of the room next to the woman who kept asking questions?). Anyone who is interested can watch Pulver’s shows on that site. I was also able to catch Laura Fitton’s interview with Bryan Person on Delivering Killer Presentations on blogtalk radio. There’s a blog from Podcamp Boston that gives access to some of the presentations/interviews.

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Ginny! Thanks for the kind words. Yes, that was indeed me sitting next to the gal with lots of questions.

    That’s wonderful that you followed the Camp remotely, and have given some references here. I heard the killer presentation session was killer itself, and was somewhat sorry I missed it, so a huge thank you for letting me know I may be able to listen to it still! That’s yet another reason why Camps are wonderful, everyone who attended records their own comments, thoughts, experiences, takeaways, photos, audio, and video. It’s like the story of the blind men and the elephant. Each has a different experience of the subject. And all of it is now available for others to share. One of the instructions of a “Camp” is the tag that should be used when posting the material online. In this case, the tag is “PodCampBoston” or “PodCampBoston2”. I will post another entry on this PodCamp with links to some of the blog posts, photos, audio, and video.

  3. Jaclyn Says:

    I was first introduced to moo cards through flickr. We’re using them as placecards at our wedding… also cool sites for photo chtotchkes are Zazzle and Qoop!

  4. PodCampBoston 3 « EverythingCU.com World 2.0 Adventure Says:

    […] second PodCamp, both in Boston, and my sixth ‘camp’ of any type. (FacebookCampToronto2, PodCampBoston2, BarCampBankSF, BarCampBankNewEngland, BarCampMoneyNYC). I first heard about “Camps” […]

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