Social Media – What’s that??

I just had a great conversation with a marketing person who is interviewing for a job with a national marketing research company. She’d be supervising a small young staff, composed of recent college grads. She asked them how social media fit into their strategy, and was greeted with the question, “What’s social media?” When explained, they realized of course they knew what social media is, after all, they are on Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, etc… it’s just that they don’t call it “social media”.

That’s what the older generation doesn’t understand… to the current generation, this stuff is as natural as BREATHING. You don’t call it social media, social networking, or anything else… it just IS.

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3 Responses to “Social Media – What’s that??”

  1. Ginny Brady Says:

    Yep, the “genie is out of the box” – social networking/media doesn’t have to be explained to the under 30 set – it’s a given. Unfortunately, credit union boards and management are still trying to understand what it is and overcoming being skeptical about:
    1. It’s value for members.
    2. It’s safety when you’re using it in a financial setting.
    Quite a challenge!!

  2. Trey Reeme Says:

    That’s a great point. It’s the nature of the internet and media now. Thanks for helping me see this in a new way, Morriss!

  3. Christopher Says:

    “You don’t call it social media, social networking, or anything else… it just IS.”

    Can I get that on a T-shirt?

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