New BarCampBanks update

I just had a great Flashmeeting with Frederic Baud in Paris and Matt Iverson in the Bay Area. (Love the Flashmeeting interface…. good stuff.) Frederic is interested in helping Matt get BarCampBankSF off the ground, and helping me get BarCampBankNewEngland off the ground. So here’s what came out of the virtual meeting:

BarCampBankSF: Matt Iverson of BoulevardR has interest from Jason Knight of Wesabe, as well as the Mint people and Bryan Sims of Brass, in being a part of the event. That should be enough to get the ball rolling. He’s thinking about doing it on the Sunday before President’s Day, so that’s February 17. He’s looking for local Bay Area help in organizing the event and finding a venue, and he’s thinking about holding it in or around the UC Berkeley campus.

BarCampBankNewEngland: I’ve talked with Peggy Powell, the director for America’s Credit Union Museum, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, on the site of the very first CU created in the United States, and we’re looking good for holding the event there. I think it’s mahvelous that we will be discussing the current revolution in personal finance at the site where the CU revolution in personal finance was launched 99 years ago. At this point, I’m thinking April 26, 2008, and would love any input/feedback on that date for coming to New Hampshire for the event.

I’ve got interest from several parties for being a part of this event, including Ron Shevlin of Epsilon, Peter Glyman and Shawn Ward from Geezeo, and Doug Williams, and possibly Trey Reeme, and Matt Dean of Trabian. If you would like to participate, please put your name down on the BarCampBankNewEngland page.

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3 Responses to “New BarCampBanks update”

  1. Bryan Sims Says:


    I’d be interested in attending the BarCampBank in San Fran on the 17th. Not sure how much I can help from up in Oregon, but I’ve got a buddy going to school at Berkeley that might be able to get a room potentially? Feel free to pass my name along to other people interested in putting that on.


  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hey Bryan!

    That’s wonderful news. Your influence, and the great things you and your organization are doing will be a giant step up in getting the camp off the ground. I think Matt Iverson said he is a Berkeley graduate, and I’m sure he will appreciate whatever Bay Area connections you can facilitate. I think it will be fantastic for the camp both for you to get the word out about the event, as well as you and any of the Brass team participating.

    Very glad that you are interested! Take care! -Morriss

  3. Ginny Brady Says:

    Morriss, I just saw your post about BarCampBankNewEngland. I edited the wiki to include my name to help and attend. The proposed location is a brilliant idea. I look forward to following this and getting involved with the preparation.

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