Credit Unions that are blogging

As companion to the credit union innovators aggregated blog feed, here is an aggregated RSS feed of credit unions that are blogging for their members: feed://, with a tiny url of This feed contains these credit union rock stars:

Verity CU – Shari Storm, the first CU employee to blog
Change Everything – Vancity CU, Vancouver BC
Piedmont CU
Old Hickory CU
First New York FCU
UFirst Boardcast
CU Warrior – Members CU
Hopewell CU
Best Source CU
MidWest Financial CU
Secure First CU
Comala Connection
First Priority CU
First Tech CU
Forum CU – Aware Teens
ISUCU – Dude Where’s My Money?
River Valley CU
Savings & Loan CU (Australia)
Mount Lehman CU

CUs with one-way RSS info feeds:
Kinecta CU
Franklin Mint FCU


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14 Responses to “Credit Unions that are blogging”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Is that ALL CU blogs? Wow.

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Christopher! Were you expecting more? Those are the ones I know about. I suspect there are many others. For example, I didn’t include “Brown Knows Blog” because it doesn’t have an RSS feed.

    If anyone knows of others, let me know and I will add.

  3. Morriss Partee Says:

    Found Kinecta CU and Franklin Mint FCU’s one-way RSS feeds and added them. Also found River Valley CU’s blog and added it.

  4. Jeffry Pilcher Says:

    FORUM’s “Aware Teens”

    ISUCU’s “Dude Where’s My Money?”

  5. Morriss Partee Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Jeffry! I’ve added them as well.

  6. Jeffry Pilcher Says:

    Trey @ Trabian has mentioned that there’s something like 75 credit unions with blogs.

    Kinecta has the RSS feed, but I didn’t see anything ‘blog-like’ (no comments, no reverse-chronological posts). I keep suggesting that financial services folks enable (heavily moderated) comments on their existing web sites/pages. Why not?

    Also, on a somewhat related note, I published my personal list of 45 credit unions with MySpace pages in the comments over at the YES 18-30 blog:

  7. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Jeffry–

    If Trey knows where all those 75 are hiding, I am all ears… and because we’re talking about him here, I’m sure his ears are turning red, and he’ll chime in in no time. I could be wrong, but I think he is counting not only all CUs that are blogging, but all the CU organizations, vendors, consultants, leagues, etc., that I included in the CU innovators list. That still doesn’t get us nearly 75 CU blogs; perhaps Trey is including CUs with a presence in MySpace in that total.

    Here’s an example of a CU that claims to have a blog, but I’m not including it because it has next-to-zero bearing on the CU: Harborstone CU

    Also, I agree that Kinecta’s RSS feed is not a true blog since they do not allow comments. But my point in publishing this feed is for CU professionals to have a rich source of ideas for topics to write about in their own blogs. And Kinecta’s feed does has a variety of good topics.

  8. William Azaroff Says:

    OpenSourceCU has a blogroll with all CU blogs they know about:

  9. Ginny Brady Says:

    Hi Morriss, it’s great to know that you think “we rock”. Thanks for the plug – just one little correction. There’s no “hyphen” in UFirst.

    I love your list of innovators, too. I’m subscribing to most of them but some are new to me. You can be sure that I’ll be taking a look at them.

  10. Ginny Brady Says:

    Hey Morriss, a question for you – I’m intrigued by the Snap Shots pop-up window that appears when I scroll over the links for these blogs. I’ve just discovered Snap Shots and am thinking about adding that feature to The Boardcast. I have two questions that you may be able to help me with:

    1. Do subscribers find this distracting or helpful?

    2. Why are the RSS feeds not up to date?

    Thanks for your help, Ginny

  11. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Ginny, great questions, and YES, you definitely rock. I’ve fixed the UFirst name. To answer the questions, Snap Shot is something that WordPress added to their blogging platform, I didn’t implement that myself. I myself, as a user, like it. It lets me quickly see where a link is going without having to wait for an entire new page to load in my browser. Therefore, I think it encourages more/better useful click throughs. (or not to click, as the reader desires).

    The reason why the RSS isn’t up-to-date in the Snap Shot is that Snap Shot caches all the web sites (for super quick loading), and only updates periodically. I don’t know what the update period is. Perhaps every 24 hours. So it’s good enough to give you a sense of what’s on the other side of the link.

  12. Ginny Brady Says:

    Thanks for the information, Morriss. Typepad offers Snap Shot, too. I think I’ll try it.

  13. rao vat mien phi Says:

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