Aggregation of credit union innovators

I’ve creating an aggregated RSS feed of credit union innovators and strategists. The URL of the feed is: feed:// and I’ve created a tiny url version of it as well

The roster of credit union bloggers currently contains:
CUES Skybox
CUES Nexus
Filene Research Institute
OpenSource CU
NetBanker – Jim Bruene
William Azaroff
Marketing ROI – Ron Shevlin
True Stories – Doug True
YES CU Blog: Serving 18-to-30s – Christopher Morris
Life and Times of a CU Employee – Robbie Wright
Shout Out to Credit Unions – Suzanne Boniface
No Brand Pimps – Butch Holley
CU Communicator (NC)
Currency Marketing – Tim McAlpine
Tinfoiling – Gene Blishen
Black Rock Federal – Jesse Robbins
CU Indirect Lending
NC Marketing Council


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23 Responses to “Aggregation of credit union innovators”

  1. rshevlin Says:

    Morriss — Thanks for including me on your list. I hope you’ll add a couple of the ones that I read:

    CU Warrior

    And if you’re going to include CU blogs (and not just CU individuals), you should include Verity’s and Vancity’s blogs.

    — Ron

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hey Ron,

    I heard you had a fabulous session in Indy. Congrats on that! I’m actually one step ahead of you on this one; I’ve got Verity and Vancity in a separate aggregated blog feed, along with a dozen others, of credit unions that are blogging with their members.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Thanks for the nod Morriss.

    You can also change our name to YES CU Blog: Serving 18-to-30s – we’re more than just a conference blog now (or trying to be).

  4. Morriss Partee Says:

    You got it, Christopher! Done.

    And I think you’ve got some great stuff on your blog. I particularly like your recent entry explaining how so many CU people are talking about how to reach youth, without actually talking to youth directly. Whenever I conduct focus groups for CUs, I always make sure to have as many young adults as possible!

  5. Christopher Says:

    Thanks (again) Morriss –

    I can’t take the credit for that post though….that belongs to my friend, colleague and collaborator Josh Jones. We try to mix it up to keep it interesting.

  6. Jeffry Pilcher Says:

    These are the blogs I’m subscribed to. Best of breed, for sure.

  7. Morriss Partee Says:

    @ Christopher — I guess I’m using the “y’alls” sense of the word “your”. šŸ™‚

    @ Jeffry — Thanks for the comment. It is interesting that it’s a relatively small group of CU strategic bloggers at this point in time, and everyone kinda knows everyone else, at least virtually. I’m sure we’ll see an exponential growth in the number relatively soon.

  8. The Credit Union Warrior Says:


    Thanks for the plug!

  9. GeorgeH Says:

    Great list Morriss. It is great to be in such great company!

  10. Mary Arnold Says:

    Morriss, thanks for doing this and for including CUES Skybox and Nexus Connection. Just about all of your favs are on my feed list as well. Another I like is Travis Carnahan’s Credit Union Indirect Lending blog:

  11. Morriss Partee Says:

    @Matt, The CU Warrior – Since your blog is directed at members, I’ve added yours to the CUs who blog aggregated feed.

    @George -Well, the honor is for the rest of us to be in your company. I was not aware of your organization until relatively recently, but I am thinking the Filene Research Institute has been in the vanguard of CU innovation for quite a while.

    @Mary -Thanks for the tip; I’ve added his feed too.

  12. Jeff Hardin Says:

    Morriss –

    Many thanks for the plug!


  13. William Azaroff Says:

    I’m honoured. Thanks Morriss!

  14. Butch Holley Says:

    You are a good man – Thanks Morriss!

  15. Christopher Says:

    Very useful too. A few of those blogs are new to me and I’ve added the feed to my Google Desktop sidebar web feeds widget thingy.

  16. Christopher Says:

    FYI – I couldn’t get the RSS to load…the tinyurl link didn’t work either.

  17. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Christopher– I tried to run the feed through Feedburner… but it wouldn’t go, saying that it was not verifiable or not conforming or something like that. If I can figure it out and/or fix that, I’ll update the feed address.

  18. Tim McAlpine Says:

    Thanks for including our blog on the list!

  19. Suzanne Says:

    And of course, we are honored that you included us. Hope all of us together will do smashing things for credit unions all over.

  20. Gene Says:

    Thanks Morris. Someday all of us will get together under one roof.

  21. Jeffry Pilcher Says:

    Good call on The North Carolina Credit Union League. They are one of the best associations in any industry – not just the CU industry. They provide tremendous services, great learning opportunities and a ton of information for their members. There’s a lot of engagement and interaction. Quite simply, a great group all the way around.

    And I agree with Morriss: The small community of CU industry bloggers and blog readers is going to explode…soon.

  22. Trey Reeme Says:

    Thanks, Morriss!

    JP’s right – the NCCUL rocks it.

  23. william azaroff » Blog Archive » Credit Union Innovators. Says:

    […] was honoured to be included in EverythingCU’s list of Credit Union Innovators this week. Morriss Partee, whom I met at the Washington Credit Union League Annual Conference, […]

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