TV in World 2.0

There is a new paradigm in television…. in other words, there is a web-based, web-powered television channel now. TV which FEELS very web-like… and that’s Current TV. You can find it on your digital cable package (ch. 254 on my system). Interestingly, Al Gore is at the center of transforming this channel into the success that it is. Lots of viewer interactivity and up-to-the-minute info.


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4 Responses to “TV in World 2.0”

  1. Christopher Says:

    I’m also a fan of Current – reminds me of sort of a visual version of NPR in the sense that there are little segments on really interesting things you would never find on your own.

    Also, there are many great international pieces on there as well.

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Christopher! Yes, a wonderfully global view. I enjoy the viewer created ads too… highly original. And another cool aspect is that viewers get to vote on things that they want to see.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Right – It’s like YouTube except the incentive to create quality content is much higher because your work has a chance to be seen on TV.

    Great blog BTW – long time reader, first time commenter.

  4. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Christopher! Thank you so much for the nice words… I think I had seen your YES Summit blog once before and hadn’t bookmarked it, so thanks for the link to that, and now I’ve got you in my bloglist! I will comment over there if I have anything intelligent to add.

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