Scott, William, Trey, Brent, and Shari in SpokaVegas

Thursday in Spokane started off with a bang… I bumped into Shari Storm, VP of Marketing for Verity CU, and author of the first blog in CU land. I first met Shari in Suquamish in May. Also in the morning, Scott Bedbury, author of a New Brand World, gave the morning’s opening talk, followed by a great skit orchestrated by Trey Reeme and Brent Dixon. I also got to talk more with William Azaroff, creator of Vancity CU’s Change Everything program. And I was glad that Chuck, Cynthia, Mark, and Gail of United Health Services CU in Spokane had the opportunity to hear Scott Bedbury reinforce the brand principles that we’ve been working with them on since March of this year.

In the afternoon, I was delighted to learn about all of the great things that William’s Change Everything blog is doing in the Vancouver region. Having Vancity Credit Union be naked to the world is not without its challenges, and it was fascinating to learn how he’s dealing with that.


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3 Responses to “Scott, William, Trey, Brent, and Shari in SpokaVegas”

  1. shari storm Says:

    It was great seeing you in Spokane. Sorry we were at opposite ends of the table at dinner. I hope you the rest of your tour of Washington State was fabulous.

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Shari!

    I had a fabulous time! It was great seeing you again too; we’ll have to hang out more next time (darn table in the way!).

  3. mvs Says:

    Bedbury is a guru in the brand world (as proved by his famous “A New Brand World”)!

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