Tag, yerit!

I just got tagged by WriterJax. Fun game, so I’ll play.

Four jobs I’ve had:
• Paper boy
• Desktop Publisher
• Creative Director
• Chief Experience Officer

Four places I’ve lived (Google Earth pushpins):
• Stanford, CA (N 37° 25′, W 122° 8′)
• Amherst, MA (N 42° 24′, W 72° 31′)
• Salt Lake City, UT (N 40° 40′, W 111° 47′)
• Nijmegan, Nederland (N 51° 49′, E 5° 51′)

Four of my favorite foods:

Enchilada Suisse

Insalata Caprese

Ahi Tartare

Four places I’d rather be:
Camden Yards
Camden Yards, Baltimore

Sunrise on the mountains of Lake Wanaka
Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

A canyon overlooking the Salt Lake City valley

Peak of Deadtop
Geocaching anywhere with Sean

Four people I tag:
Robbie Wright
Josh and Lindsay
Ross Graham
Nicole Clark


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