The Simpsons Movie brings us Word of Eye marketing

I must say, the Simpsons Movie is one of the smartest, effective Word of Mouth (WOM) campaigns, especially online, currently happening. The fact that Burger King scored the Simpsons Movie for the kids meal toy has ensured that I’ve visited twice with my son in the last four days… and with 16 total figurines, my son is hoping that we hit BK at least 14 more times before the promotion ends. A huge coupe for Burger King.

But what is even more brilliant is the creation of the Simpsonize Me site. This site didn’t function during HUGE overload of traffic during the Friday night premiere. But now that the opening weekend rush is over, the site is working fine. The Simpsonize web site is a brilliant piece of WOM marketing… or should I say WOE (Word of Eye) marketing. The word is out that you can make a Simpsons version of yourself on that web site. And even if you can’t get through to the site, you get a reminder that you can be simpsonsized every time you see a friend who is Simpsonized on any of the social networks. And with the ubiquitousness of social networking sites, people EVERYWHERE have simpsonized themselves and uploaded their simpsonized selves.

I’ve just simpsonized myself and uploaded my new icon to, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. There are other sites where I have an icon, but I don’t use Technorati often enough to make it worthwhile for me to upload and eventually switch back my icons.

This is one of the key principles of WOM… give THEM something… in this case a hilarious cartoon version of THEMSELVES… and then when they show the world their new eye candy, people are reminded that there is now a movie out that they should go see, and that they, themselves, can become Simpsonized, thus making the idea WONDERFULLY and effectively viral. Brilliant! And totally on-brand for the Simpsons.


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