Till next time, Spokane!

SkyAfter saying goodbye to my friends at Spokane Federal CU, it was time to wrap up my Spokane adventure with a much deserved round of eighteen. I had gotten a recommendation for Hangman Valley Golf Course from a waitress at Luna on Tuesday night, and the course did not disappoint. It is located in a beautiful valley just a couple miles south of the south hill section of Spokane. I couldn’t help pulling over to take a shot of the beautiful valley and clouds en route.

Hangman Valley Golf CourseThe course itself was nicely set into the valley with a couple of par-5 tee boxes situated about 100 feet above the fairway below. Too bad I couldn’t manage to get a golf ball into ’em! This was my first time golfing in the Northwest, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with Hangman Valley for my first time!

Sunset in SpokanePhew, what a whirlwind week in Spokane! Till next time, in September…

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One Response to “Till next time, Spokane!”

  1. Kevin August Says:

    Hangman valley is my favorite golf course here in Spokane. The greens and fairways are always well maintained and the staff is very friendly.

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