Spectacular Ahi Tartare

Eagle PeakI’m in Spokane this week to help United Health Services CU bring their brand to life. Preparations for the brand launch party are underway, and we’re on track for a September launch. Yesterday, I scoped out a possible location for the brand celebration, a place called Dishman Hills. To the right is a cell phone photo I took at Eagle’s Peak.

On the recommendation of a friend back in Western Massachusetts, I checked out Luna in the South Hill section of Spokane. The small plate I ordered was the Ahi Tartare. Normally, I’m not much of a foodie, but this small plate was SPECTACULAR. It was a stunning culinary tour de force. Constructed with ahi tartare, avocado, tomato, onion, and fresh wasabi vinaigrette, it was presented in a layered, perfectly cylindrical tower. One of those works of art you almost hate to eat because it looks so pretty! But each bite was an adventure in new taste sensations. I forget what the rest of the meal was like because I was in such a trance over the appetizer. My waitress was recommending that I try the Coconut Cream Cake since it was featured in Bon Appetit magazine. I say, forget the Coconut Cream Cake, and go to Luna just for the Ahi Tartare. If you ever find yourself in Spokane, I can’t say enough about Luna! An amazing restaurant, where every bite is a delight!


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One Response to “Spectacular Ahi Tartare”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Spokane does really have good food! I went to this restaurant there last year called Wild Sage which was excellent!

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