Airline navel gazing

The airline industry is a tough, unprofitable business. Just ask Warren Buffett. I wouldn’t want to run one. Here is one thing they are doing is just plain SILLY. I get a weekly e-Fares email from United. I don’t know why I haven’t unsubscribed to this. It’s simply a random collection of low fares… from anywhere, to anywere. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to fly from Green Bay to New York just because it costs $206 round trip. (and it’s only good on flights on a Friday night or Saturday.) I can drive or take the train to NYC, and it would only take about 3.5 hours from here in Western Mass. Green Bay is a LONG way out of the way for me.

So the real question: why isn’t United showing me flights that I might actually potentially utilize? Why haven’t they asked me what my home airport is? Or what I consider my home airport to be, and then show me a random set of destinations FROM MY HOME AIRPORT? Is this too obvious a thing to do?

I love Wisconsin, but I’m not going to fly to Green Bay any time soon, certainly not so that I can take advantage of a low fare that happens to be going on. Unless I was going to take in a Packers game at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Is that what they are suggesting to me?

I like the idea of random destinations… I might be triggered to visit a place I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. But to be truly useful, United should ask me what destinations I might be considering. Orbitz or Expedia will monitor any particular route I ask it to, and alert me when fares dip below my chosen price target. Expedia will even show me different fares for different days on its Flight Fare Calendar.

What is your business doing that is centered around the business’ perspective that could be modified to revolve around your customers’ perspective?


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