Connecting with Michigan friends

Just got back from a fantastic trip, visiting Michigan, then Indianapolis. I was in Michigan on Wednesday to meet friends, new and old, at the Michigan CU Marketing Conference. It was held at the Inn at St. John’s, which is a truly wonderful location, even at the beginning of March. To the right is myself with Lisa Fawcett, long time member, and now VP of Marketing at Co-op Services CU in Livonia, MI. Lisa is new at Co-op Services, having been previously doing marketing at Royal Oak CU.

I also got to meet many other great people including Janet Ormsby of the Michigan Credit Union League, Ken Chmelko of Oakland County Credit Union (at left), and Bob Diroff of LaserTec, a large statement processing company. I also had a great time at dinner with Dave Maine, David Cibulka, Mia Collins, Jill Adams, Lori McCloud, and Laura Cipielewski. I also met Vera Geniac, Veronica Johnson and Sati Riley of Detroit Municipal Credit Union.

In addition, it was great to finally meet Lora Bingham (at right), of MidWest Financial CU.


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