Get your creative juices flowing

match-comb-small.jpgHere are a few ideas to get your brain working in new and fresh ways.

1.) Keep a journal. When you wake up in the morning, write two full pages about ANYTHING. You may want to write down your dreams, what happened the day before, your challenges. Don’t censor yourself as your write; let it flow.

2.) Read about a new subject. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, has a wonderful little link in the sidebar called Random Article. Give it a click, see where you land, and learn about something you may not have even known existed!

3.) Relax! Tension is usually a creative roadblock. Treat yourself to a long relaxing bath, take a walk, ride a bike, or visit a scenic spot. Bring your journal with you and write down your thoughts.

4.) Take a new educational opportunity. Enroll in a continuing education class at your local college or university. Sign up for a subject that you’ve always wanted to learn about. Or attend a webinar, such as Mental Peanut Butter® or others on If you’re not already a member of, membership is quick, free, and easy for any employee of a credit union.

5.) Switch up your habits. If you normally write in a journal, use a tape recorder. If you normally use a tape recorder, write in a journal. If you normally eat breakfast before taking a shower, then shower first tomorrow morning.

I hope these tips are useful! Post your comments here with YOUR favorite creative-juice stimulation techniques!

Here’s a fun blog on creativity called PigPog.


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