Burger King rocks with Frypods

FrypodHappy Halloween! Here’s another case study of branding done brilliantly.

Burger King is successfully re-energizing their brand. No longer are they the poor second cousin to McDonalds, they are establishing their own unique identity with unique products and a unique attitude. One example is their new Frypod. What is a Frypod you may ask? Well, it’s basically a french fry container that fits in a drink holder. Brilliant! How did Burger King come up with this new invention? It’s not by sitting around the board room trying to figure out how to sell more french fries. I’m sure it came about because they did field research in the form of sitting in the back seats of customers’ cars as they went through the drive through. And by watching the customers’ ensuing struggle with where to put the French fry container as they drove the kids off to soccer practice after a long day at work. They realized that their target audience’s cars and SUVs now have more drink holders you can shake a stick at, and also had an “aha!” moment that their customers would be delighted if a box of fries fit into one of them. That’s just one example of how Burger King is revitalizing its brand by developing unique products suited to their target audience.

We, as credit unions, need to figure out how to do the same thing with our products and services. So in order to improve our brands, we need to get closer to our members, find out why they already love us, and then find ways to improve our products, services, the way we deliver them, and the way we market them.


5 Responses to “Burger King rocks with Frypods”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Burger King has done it again with their $0.99 kids meals. The ads are very catchy: they managed to change our fast food choice from MCD’s to BK!

  2. Doug True Says:

    I have been watching Burger King’s positioning during 2006. Posted about a similar experience: http://www.dougtrue.net/articles/2006/08/13/corporate-playfulness

    Last night, was watching television and saw where they have their own Burger King Xbox game featuring the King figure. They are selling the game for around $3. Clever stuff.

  3. Paul F. Says:

    Awhile back I sent you my sample of the french fry container with the back pull out pocket , so you could add ketchup and dip your fries into it. My family loves my idea!! I’am still puzzled that you did not use my ideal!!

    • Sandy Burns Says:

      Hey that ketchup ideal that Paul mentioned on this website is such a great ideal. My children would love that. Why hasn’t ” ” or Burger King done that to their french fry containers…?

  4. shawna Says:

    I was reading about the frypods, I think that was a great ideal, but I also read about that Paul F. ideal and I think that would be a better ideal if they came out with something like that. Then I would have a place to dip my ketchup:)

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