Ben and Jerry’s Amazing Brand

Ben and Jerry’s has been a top-notch brand for quite a while now. But they’ve recently introduced a new flavor that takes Ben and Jerry’s to new heights of brilliance. And the flavor is American Pie. Now, American Pie would be a wonderful flavor any way you slice it. This limited batch flavor is an ice creamy goodness of yummy apple pie ice cream with apple and pie crust pieces. But that’s just the product.

Here’s where Ben and Jerry’s takes it over the top in a way that is simply perfect for their brand (euphoric ice cream with a social conscience): The lid of the American Pie flavor has a pie graph underneath the logo with a cow saying “Our kids deserve a bigger slice of the pie.” Hmmmm. Interesting. There is also an asterisk next to the cow’s quote that says “*Federal Discretionary Budget Pie Chart.”

It’s not immediately clear what this all means. Normally, I’m a big fan of text on a product label. But I guessed that Ben and Jerry’s, being the progressive professional company that it is, would have more information about this pie chart on its web site. And if it were REALLY forward thinking, the information would be readily accessible. Well, I was right. It’s right there. It’s on the home page even. Not only does the web site explain that the U.S. ranks last in industrialized nations in providing health insurance to children and shows what each slice in the pie represents, but there are also a myriad of games and activities, designed to teach about the federal budget, and get the ice cream eater thinking about America’s priorities.

Wow. All that from a pint of ice cream. Brilliant! Simply brilliant.

So let’s recap: Ben and Jerry’s American Pie ice cream is a stunningly yummy flavor. But if you have kids, or an opinion about how our tax dollars are spent, the American Pie flavor transcends ice cream, and connects emotionally and intellectually with its target audience wonderfully. Nice job, Ben and Jerry’s!!! Now THAT’s branding done brilliantly.


One Response to “Ben and Jerry’s Amazing Brand”

  1. Anonymouse Says:

    Brilliant! I love Ben and Jerry’s!

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